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Aug 26, 2011

Hey, MAC Me Over Danbury, CT!

As I was sitting at work thinking of all the things I had to purchase that night in preparation of the upcoming and so called Hurricane Irene, I suddenly remembered that I did not have anymore Foundation Powder that I use during my makeup routine every morning. I realized I would have to go all the way across town to MAC at the Mall. Really? It was either that or look like a hot mess tomorrow for work. I opted to drag my lazy ass out to get it after all. I was just going to get the groceries, drop them off home and then head to the mall to quickly go in and grab what I needed and leave. Or so I thought.

The grocery store was a horrible tiny little hell hole. Thankfully I only went to Stop & Shop and a quick stop to CVS to purchase my items. According to some people my places of attendance was a field day compared to some stores like Costco. Apparently people were at each others throats for the last of the water and non-perishable items. I understand the whole survivor instincts but GEESH PEOPLE! Get a grip!

Here is my experience at Stop & Shop. I should be so lucky!

Two cases of bottled water, a box of granola bars, strawberry eggos, capri suns, hummus and a bag of chips later I was finally done! Yippie! Sounds like i'm a real survivor huh? DON'T BE JEALOUS! I saved a lot of money by not going overboard with all this non-sense that everyone is scrambling to buy. Pfftt... puh lease. I get home, drop off the stuff and drive across town to the mall solely to go to MAC, buy my product and bounce. The whole way over the traffic was so ridiculous. You might have thought the whole world was coming to an end. Didn't help that it was a Friday either.

I finally arrived at the mall after fighting through the traffic in town. Hallelujah baby Jesus! I power walked to Macy's and headed straight for the MAC counter. I asked one of the girls at the counter for help and she got me exactly what I was looking for. She asked if I needed anymore help, and I politely said no. I was not about to stay at the mall any longer than I had to. I wanted to get in and out. I don't always like being at the mall. Especially after a long day at work. All I wanted was to go home and unwind.

I approached the front to purchase my foundation. I glanced down and peeped the shirt the associate was wearing. I noticed it had big bold white lettering on it that said "MAC Me Over". I remembered getting a postcard in the mail from MAC a few weeks back about free Makeovers that they were going to be doing. I asked the girl who was ringing me up at the register about the event and she told me it would unfortunately be ending tomorrow. She asked if I would like to do one right then but I shook my head no. At first I didn't want to because I figured it would be a waste of makeup. I thought about it for a second and decided it might not be a bad idea after all. If big bad Irene is "supposedly" starting tomorrow I probably wouldn't be able to make it over that way anyway. I quickly changed my mind and decided to give it a go just for fun.

I sat down in the chair, was handed a makeup remover wipe, and was instructed to remove all of my makeup that I had applied earlier on in the day. Upon removal I took one look in the mirror and realized how scary I must have looked. AHHH! How embarrassing. Oh well, ::shrugs:: she was going to make me look fabulous anyway. Right?

Just so you all know, the whole ordeal and experience was awesome. I felt completely pampered and at the same time I felt like I totally knew her for what seemed to be forever. She explained everything she was doing, she showed me everything she used and most importantly she picked products and colors that flattered my face. It was a great experience. I am definitely heading over there on payday to scope out the products she recommended they really looked great on me. I felt so pretty!

Here is the end result! Au' Natural. Ooh la la :)

Brow - Wedge & Bevile
Shadow - Seaside Cream Colour Base
Brow Highlighter - Creamy Bisque
Crease - Brown Script & Carbonized
Outer Lid - Arenre
Mascara - False Lashes
Liquid Foundation - NC15 Studio Fix Fluid
Concealer - NW20 Studio Finish
Powder Foundation - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium
Blush - Melba
Bronzer - Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark
Lipstick - Bare Again
Lipgloss - Pinkarat

After the MAC Makeover was finished I was talking with her and her co-worker about all sorts of things. It was cool to be able to connect and nice that we both stemmed from the Fashion & Beauty industry. Her name was Liz by the way. She was an outgoing, personable, and knowledgeable girl that really knew her stuff inside and out. Not only that but she made me feel very comfortable through out the makeover.

What I thought was really cool was that she was really into coming in for a Guest Artist spot where I work. Paul Mitchell the School has people from outside companies come in to demonstrate different techniques to give the Future Professionals a taste of something other than Paul Mitchell. There is a big talented world out there. It's only right we give them other opportunities as well.

Over all it was an awesome night! I gave her my blog address and hopefully she come to check out this rave review. HEY LIZ!

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