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Aug 11, 2011

Want Assistance? Here, Go Pee in This!

Florida and Kentucky are the first states that require drug testing when applying for welfare. This has been effective since July 1st. Some people are crying this "unconstitutional" and violating their rights. How is this unconstitutional? How do you suppose this is violating your rights? It's okay to drug test people who work for their money but not those who don't? The new law would ensure CASH welfare funds go to their primary target (disadvantaged children). They are only requiring drug testing if you receive CASH assistance. For those who receive Housing Assistance or Food Stamps this law would not apply to them.

I am extremely happy that the government is finally setting some limits on how MY hard earned tax dollars is helping out individuals on state assistance. I am all for helping people in need out. I do not want to feed one's addiction to drugs though. If they are hooked, and they used that money they receive for assistance on drugs it's just creating a bigger problem. If we put these regulations on getting assistance maybe is will push someone to kick there habit and life a clean and righteous lifestyle. No drugs could mean more opportunities for them in the long run. It might be the drive that some people need to kick the habit for good.

When a drug addict is weened off certain narcotics they are in physical pain and experience flu like symptoms. Your body becomes dependent on these substances. When your body is dependent on these substances that's all you crave. The cravings are so bad they addicts are willing to sacrifice anything they have by any means to get their hands on this stuff. What might look normal on the outside might be HELL at home because of the addiction.

When a potential employer drug tests me I do not believe it is violating my rights. It is simply getting the right person for the job. If you have two equally qualified candidates applying for the same job and one is an addict (but functions "normally" in society) and the other is a law 
abiding citizen which one are you going to pick? How will you know which one is the right choice if all of the other qualifications are the same? DRUG TESTING. Addicts are a higher risk for an employer. Pick the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN! Someone has to draw the line somewhere! It's about time we started!

What are your thoughts?

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