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May 17, 2011

Colors of the Rainbow: A Polish Timeline

I have recently been addicted to painting my nails. I picked up the "past time" when I was just sick and tired of having to rely on the Nail Salon to do my nails even if I wanted a simple color change.

I don't know about you but im strapped for cash and can't afford $20 to $40 dollars every other week.
(I still however get my pedicures at the nail salon because I have yet to master doing my own toes!)

Here is my little compilation of some of the colors and designs I have done on myself. I also did have to throw in two pictures of when I got them done at the salon because face it, they were too dam pretty to not include them.

TIP: It's not about the brand of nail polish. I have a large collection of nail polish but I use the less expensive brands like NYC, Sinful Colors, Confetti, N.Y.X, Wet & Wild. I do however splurge every once in awhile if I REALLY like a color. Other than that I don't stretch too far from these brands. I find it's more important to have a great base coat and and even better top coat. I recommend Seche Vita for the top and base! I also am obsessed with Sally Hansen Nail Strips. They are amazing and I did I post on them and reviewed them here.

Enjoy, and hopefully I can get YOUR creative juices flowing and inspire you to do your own nails.

The following is not my work . . .

If you want to know the names of any of the polishes that I used please feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to share!

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  1. Loving all of the color but I especially like the cobalt blue! Super bold and cute! Kiah