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Mar 10, 2011

Closure Never Comes

I just wanted to help. I hear you speak hurtful words. Shoots right though my heart, my soul, my trust.

I had faith in you, saw you in a different light. You let me down and pushed me away. You never trusted me. I trusted you. I underestimated how much you could hurt me.The feelings that you made me feel were indescribable.You drive me insane, kept me awake, and infuriated me.

Sometimes I ask myself if I like to be hurt. Do I like to be miserable? I rack my brain for the right answer. Nothing good can come from caring about you. This am am sure. I am positive. I am confident. Why am I still thinking about you?

I’m left here angry. Alone in my distress. Picking up pieces of debris and the emotions. Bitter feelings that linger.The door to closure can never be shut. Nothing you can say can turn back the hands of time.

I have to move on the best I can. I wish you the best, and nothing but success. I can't take back the past to rearrange it. Continue to look forward. Never looking back.

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