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Feb 28, 2011

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

#250 Bling It On....

When it comes to painting my nails I leave it to the professionals.
I wasn't even going to bother to try these because I am so hopeless in this area but I decided to give it a try just for kicks!

I was doing a haul in Walmart and browsing in the Beauty section when I came across "Bling It On". Sparkly and pink? HECK YAH! Count me in. ;)

The one I originally wanted was the Zebra Print strips in "Wild Child" but they ran out. The next best one was this one "Bling It On" and to be honest this was probably the best option for my first try with the nail strips.

I really ended up liking this product and was pretty impressed. For a nail dummy like myself these were simple, easy and the end result was very professional looking.

I didn't have to wait to have my nails dry (except for the top coat which I voluntarily applied) and the application was effortless. I thought it was going to be a pain and they weren't going to stick but they went right on.

- They have a good variety of designs & colors
- They are cheaper than Minx
- They are easy to apply yourself
- No dry time (Unless you opt for a Top Coat)
- The instructions that came with them are easy to follow
- Good for people who aren't great at doing nails
- They last a long time and are durable
- If you have short nails you can get 2 uses
(by cutting them in half)

- They are pricey compared to a bottle of polish
- The sizing of the strips is a little weird
- They take awhile to apply. Set some time aside
- You have to get past the learning curve
- You probably should put on a Top Coat

Overall I was very happy with my $8 purchase from Walmart. I definitely want to try them again. This might be a regular occurrence. It's definitely cheaper than splurging on a Mani or Minx.

I also was able to get a "Pedicure" out of one box. I technically got a Mani/Pedi.

I was curious so I tried...

Not bad at all but please excuse my sock imprint!
Foot looks all bumpy on the right side doesn't it?

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects yet?
If so let me know what you think!

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