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Feb 13, 2011

A Bad Experience at Forever 21 in CT

I attended the Grand Opening of the Danbury Fair Mall Forever 21 in Danbury, CT today. I was treated so poorly that I never want to go back into that store ever again. From the time I walked in to the time I left only one of the employees said hello and that was the door greeter! None of the employee's on the floor even so much as asked if I needed help.

When I asked where the Plus Size section was I was given an answer of "I don't know." by three of the 100's of the employees that were on the floor. I understand the store is new and most of the employees are also new but they should at least know the layout of the store for a Grand Opening. Asking where a certain section is was only natural since this is the first time in the store for the customers. In the end I myself ended up finding the Forever 21+ section on my own. I found a lot of nice clothes in the Forever 21+ section. I then decided to go to the dressing room to try them on.

After trying on and picking out a few pieces from my bunch I realized that my friend happened to be holding my jacket that was carrying my cell phone in the pocket. Earlier on during our visit to Forever 21 we went our separate ways to browse the store. After I realized I could not find her, I then proceeded to ask one of the employees at the register to make a quick phone call to locate her. I was immediately answered with "Sorry, we don't do that!". She didn't bother to ask a manager, she didn't bother to offer me any other kind of help and honestly that really didn't sit right with me! She could have at least asked first before belting out a rude response.

I was going to purchase a few items that I really ended up liking. I took time to pick out, try on and walk up to the counter with these items but after the horrible service I received I threw down my purchase and walked right out. I have been a faithful customer since I found out about Forever 21. Even more so a faithful customer since they started the plus line. I am so turned off by that horrible service and I will be boycotting Forever 21 clothing. Sad really since the clothing is not the issue but the employees who work there.

I wrote a complaint on the Forever 21 Facebook and sent them a very displeased email to let them know about my horrible service. Let's see what happens now. Hope they make a note of it because the Danbury store is really making a bad name for them!


  1. Was the greeter a kinda tall guy with brown hair that curled in the back?

    If so, that was me.

    I am not in a position where I can speak on behalf of the whole store or buisness, but I do apologize that you weren't properly catered to. I wish I could've helped you out, but I need to stay in my spot, unfortunately.

    But hey, feel free to come by again when I'm greeting. My name is JP. Ask for me. I'll do my best to help you out with whatever you need :D

  2. Thanks for commenting JP. I actually have a friend who is a manager there and he was appalled.

    It's a shame that a few employees can make a horrible lasting impression on a company as a whole.

    I am sure since you took the time to acknowledge my incident you are in no shape or form like that employee who left that impression on me. Seems like you mean well.

    I'll definitely ask for you next time. Thanks for reaching out!