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Jan 8, 2011

Everything I Needed To Learn I Learned in...

Everything I needed to learn, I learned in Kindergarten and of course on Youtube and Cosmopolitan! :)

Snow days can really spoil your weekend. You have plans, you get excited, lay out your outfit and then, BAM! The snow hits hard and no one is going anywhere. Everyone is staying put in their homes snowed in. No one wants to drive in that!

On a snowy night when all my plans are bombarded with STUPID SNOW I surf the web. I skim through magazines and look for something new to learn. Mostly I find tutorials online. Sometimes articles from Cosmo and sometimes I just make stuff up as I go along. It's not like i'm going anywhere right? Why not teach myself something useful? haha

Accomplishment #1:
I learned how to tie a tie. Maybe if I want to start a new trend with my fancy black and white skinny tie (pictured here) I could totally be prepared to pull it off!

Accomplishment #2 & #3:
I conquered liquid eyeliner! My co-worker has been trying to teach me for months now. I have a very unsteady hand so this new found talent is exciting for me. I love the way  my eyes pop when I have a little eyeliner on. I also put on falsies and they didn't come out too bad either. Given it was late at night and they weren't perfect nor did I honestly make much of an effort but they came out pretty nice!

Accomplishment #4
I know how to Flat Iron my hair now!!! My new Bangs a.k.a Fringe are the inspiration for my new skill. I love the way my hair looks straight and with the bangs but I wanted to see what it looked like curly. I have been trying to get this skill down for a little while now but never had time to experiment with it. Now I am a pro!


So there you have it. I learned some new and useful things. Maybe now I can start applying them in my everyday life. And let me leave you with this....