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Oct 5, 2010

Winn Claybaugh Truly Inspires

Lisa G. (Future Professional) and I with Winn Claybaugh

If anyone who is familiar with "Paul Mitchell the School" you know who Winn Claybaugh is. Winn Claybaugh is the author of Be Nice (Or Else!) and “one of the best motivational speakers in the country,” according to CNN’s Larry King, who wrote the foreword for the book. A business owner for over 27 years with over 12,000 people in his organization, Winn is the founder and co-owner of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s school division, with more than 95 locations throughout the United States. The young company was ranked three years in a row (2006–2008) in the top 10 of Franchise Times magazine’s Fast 55, a ranking of the fastest growing young franchises, and named Best in Category and #1 in the Top 50 midsize franchises by Franchise Business Review (2010).

I had the chance to not only meet Winn today but I also had the chance to hear him speak. I work at PMTS in my hometown in Connecticut and have loved it since day one. It's a wonderful company to work for and I am honored to be part of the staff.

After today I love my job even more now. Now that I have seen with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears the positivity of the people behind PMTS it's hard not to be excited about working for Paul Mitchell. Winn was a genuine, warm, sincere person who really wants their Future Professionals to succeed. Even though I haven't "been in" the beauty industry that long I have a better appreciation for it now.

Today Winn's speech wasn't only solely based on the beauty industry (after all he never went to Cosmetology School or College even). He made his speech a heartfelt message of staying positive, being a "Visionary" and playing a part in your own life to achieve your goals. He made me want to go out an conquer the world! He reminded us today that it's easy to be a "Fence Sitter" or a "Resister" but it's a beautiful thing to go forth, be selfish (in a good way) and succeed in accomplishing your dreams.

Winn got me thinking about my financial situation, my relationship situation (or lack there of) and even my family situation. Such a great speech today!!! I even learned a couple things about myself I never knew existed. This is the day to let all my resentment go and be accountable for my future. Love and accept others for exactly who they are and you can truly let go. Holding on to that makes you bitter. Like Winn says, "Bitter or Better?". Which one are you going to be today?

Oh and of course with this being a fashion driven blog please notice how 'PROFESH' I am looking! I look pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. Let me just quickly give you guys a run down of the outfit...

SKIRT: Faith 21 $9.80
TANK: Target $9
BLAZER: Torrid $54
Target $7
FLATS: Annie Sez $20
BELT: Fashion To Figure $12
EARRINGS: Tag Sale $1

Let me leave you lovelies with a sample of Winn's inspiration. Look him up yourself, guaranteed to be inspired!


  1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. You made my day and warmed my heart. But the most important thing for me was the fact that you are spreading the word and teaching others about this BE NICE easier way of life.

    I am very honored, to say the least!

    XOXO, Winn Claybaugh
    Dean, Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools
    Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)
    Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

  2. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to look at my blog! YOU MADE MY WHOLE WEEK!!!!!