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Oct 10, 2010

Should You Beat Them To It?

I have heard all different opinions on this matter. I know where I stand but since this is a topic that is so varied from person to person I would love to hear what you lovelies think.

Let me start off by saying that I like my body, I like who I am, I love my curves, and I am very comfortable in my own skin. It's no secret though that I am a big girl. I am Plus Size and not to mention pretty tall for a woman. I'm not ginormous but I am up there. Usually it's very blatantly obvious that usually I am "The Big Girl of the Room".

Now I know for some people it might be a little awkward when I point out that I am the Big Girl but since I am comfortable with that fact I like to cut people to the chase who might not have my best interest in mind. Most people seem really not to care too much. It's true. When I was younger kids were pretty mean and didn't really censor themselves but for the most part I have never encountered (too many) people who have pointed that fact out.

Maybe it's because society has taught most people to censor what they would really like to say and just be polite instead. Or maybe people just are intimidated by me. Maybe they are afraid that if they do point out that I am (::GASP::)... FAT then I will lash out at them. Heck... I would be intimidated by me too! I am 5' 10" and almost 300lbs. Get me mad enough and I could take anyone down. Remember though, I am a lover not a fighter! ;)

My whole point is, I tend to crack jokes about my size. I don't do it because I hate myself or my body but I want everyone to know that I am comfortable with who I am. If they ever do decide to point it out it's already been said and I am already aware. It's not like I am living in denial. I figure I should just get that out of the way and make everyone else feel a little more comfortable with "my situation". After that is out of the way and everyone is on the same page people seem to be a little more relieved!

People get all uptight when the word Fat is used. It's not a bad word! It's not the nicest word to use but hey, some people are just plain.... Fat. What are you going to do!? Just like some people are White or some people are Jewish or some people are short. It's a fact. You can't hide some things from others. It's nothing personal, it's the truth!

A few years ago I wouldn't dare say or do anything to "reveal" my size. I would just kind of hang my head down when size came up. Now I OWN my size. I am ok with it and not afraid to showcase it. It took a long, long, long time to be ok with my body and have the confidence that I have now. This didn't happen over night.

A lot of people might think that maybe it's a defense mechanism and that I am insecure with myself if I have to announce my size, or joke about my size with everyone else. I beg to differ. I am super confident and I just prefer beating everyone else to it. That's all! Do I absolutely looooove my body? Am I confident every single day? No! Absolutely not. It's a lot of hard work to like yourself but it's even more hard work to LOVE yourself. Yes, there is a difference. I am still young and I am still getting used to myself. It's going to be a while before I can say I am in love with myself. For now, I really like myself. We'll leave it at that. There is always room for improvement!

So lovelies, what's your take on this issue? How are you different? Do you guys do the same thing? Let me know. Leave your comments below!


  1. I'm 5'9" and about 305 lbs. I am always cracking jokes about my size. I am insecure, I admit. I crack jokes about everything though, not just my size. I guess in my case it might be a defense mechanism, but people tell me it's part of why they like me. My friends are always shocked to learn that I'm actually very self conscious about my weight. I hate the word fat, it sounds so derogatory. I prefer to be called fluffy. :D

  2. I am a size 28 and have been this size now for over 8 years. I use the word fat - that's what I am. It took me a long time to be comfortable and own the word fat. But as I tell my teenage nieces, people come in all heights, weights, and colours. It's just one facet of the diamond I am!!! I too use humour as a way to discuss what can be a very sensitive subject. Do I love me every day? No...but realistically no one does! I like the t-shirt and I would wear it and I would be prepared for the dialogue it would open with some people.

  3. Thank you Meluhnee and Deb for your stories!!!! <3<3<3

  4. It's great that you've come to accept this:

    "Usually it's very blatantly obvious that usually I am "The Big Girl of the Room"."

    But so many women have a hard time accepting their body size and shape. It's important to find confidence in your own personal beauty.

  5. I had a really hard time in school when I was younger, and now I see my niece going through similar emotional problems. It's difficult, but I'm glad I'm able to offer her my support.

  6. Lisa very true! You can't love someone else unless you learn to love yourself first!

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