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Sep 14, 2010

A Real LIVE Faith 21! They DO exsist!

I went to the Stamford Mall this weekend in CT. I knew that they had a XXI Forever (aka Forever 21) but I did not know that they carried the Faith 21 line. I was so excited! I saw it and it was like a light was shining down and angels began to sing! Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT life changing but it was still pretty awesome! <3

Here are just a few snapshots I took of the Faith 21 section.

I ended up trying a few things on (everything fit and looked great) but I was a little strapped for cash! ::SAD FACE:: I also tried to take a few snapshots of the things I tried on but the lighting in the fitting rooms was absolutely horrible ::SAD FACE AGAIN::. I did however purchase a black "bandage" mini skirt for $9.80! SCORE! I will post pics when I do wear it! Pretty awesome piece!!!

I was impressed with how well the clothes fit me. I was hesitant to buy anything online because everyone says they run small. I wear a size 18 to 20 and the 3X fit me very nicely. Not snug and not loose. The only bad thing was that they did not have a vast collection of clothes on the racks. I was a little upset about that but after all, it is the first step in the right direction. With time I suppose they will up their selection and make more pieces available in the stores!

There you have it ladies...
Faith 21 does really exist!!!


  1. I was always hesitant to try the line as well! It took me a few visits to the store before I grabbed a handful and headed for the fitting room! && I'm a 20 sometimes 22 and they fit me just fine!

  2. i've been sayin that for months!!! glad one came ur way!!