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Sep 8, 2010

My Absolute Fav Boots Are Back In Stock!!!!

Last fall I purchased a pair of flat black suede knee high boots from Torrid. I fell instantly in love and HAD to have them. It was one of the best shoe purchases I had ever made because I wore these boots practically every day and made it work. These boots were my BFF! haha! I wore them so much that the back heel started to wear away. I was a little upset and I even tried to go get them repaired but the shoe guy said he wouldn't be able to help me out. I was just devastated!

Today I was browsing the Torrid website and VIOLA ... my boots are back. As soon as I am able to I am def. making my purchase. I can not wait!!!!!

Internet exclusive! Step in ultimate comfort and
style in these black soft suede boots. Side-zip detail.

  • Man-made materials

  • Imported

  • Fits a wider foot and calf.

    On a complete side note. I walked into Torrid the other day in West Nyack, NY and fell in love with these black "leather" thigh high boots. They weren't like the ones they have on the website. They were constructed a bit better and looked of higher quality. I tried them on and they looked great. Since I didn't want to spend too much that day I didn't ask how much they were (which I should have) because I was afraid I might break the bank. I figured they had them online. I looked and they DON'T! I really want to buy them now. Anybody see these at their local Torrid???

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    1. I'm glad your boots are back stock... can't wait to see some pics of you in them.