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Aug 18, 2010

Why Are They Ruining Renn?

Here are the newest photos from 'Baldovino Barani' shoot with the Miss Crystal Renn. What is it with these people photo shopping this girl to the point that we can't recognize her?? Really now! Come on! She's gorgeous AS IS! Can we lay off the photo shop just a little bit. These don't even look like her in the slightest. Looking like an Anime character and what not. Stop the insanity and bring my old Crystal back please!
On a good note, the last one (the one that looks most like her) is my fav and the makeup is fabulous in that shot. If I had skills i'd do a YouTube tutorial of that.


  1. if you don't like the photos, don't fucking post them! Seriously...

  2. I agree with you COMPLETELY! She is photoshopped to DEATH in these photos and I just can't quite understand why?? It makes no sense! She is one of THE most recognizable models in the whole world. PERIOD. Regardless of size, so why make her unrecognizable? I mean I understand that photoshopping is completely necessary to take out small flaws, but widening the eyes and adjusting the facial structure is just so unnecessary in my book...BLEH!

  3. Dear ANONYMOUS,

    If you don't like the post, don't comment on it. Seriously, thanks!

    Come again! xoxo

    <3 JB

  4. I like these images, nothing wrong with playing with photoshop if it was what the brief asked for then these results are most likely perfect.

    The creepy eyes rock, I love them.

    Though it is obvious that she has had a lot of shopping done in these images but i think it works.

    Only my opinion though, as a model I love what can be created with editing. I've been so many fun, odd and wacky things it great.

  5. I honestly didn't recognize her in the 4th pic, but the last one is my favorite as well.

  6. she does look a little 'odd' the eyebrows dont help either lol