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May 23, 2010


Imagine you are out shopping on a beautiful Spring day in NYC. Walking around Canal Street and enjoying the day. Going in and out of interesting stores, browsing up and down and looking for some cute, unique finds. Then I come to this store in Chinatown and walk in to find this staring straight back at me...

Apparently us more "Curvier" girls are not welcome at Amersterdam Boutique! This boutique is located at 365 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013. 

Boycott! Boycott! BOYCOTT!!


  1. Hmm interesting, did you ask why they didn't carry xl size. I would be very interested to know, Along with why they felt the need to plaster signs all over the store! Life Stephanie Tanner would say " how rude!"

  2. I was so appalled I took the picture, and stormed out. I was too busy being upset. It would be interesting to know why not. I should ask the next time I am in Chinatown. I do go there often.... hmmm. Should do a follow up post. lol

  3. You should do a follow up post. If I lived in NY I would protest! That just makes no sense. But I feel like certain stores are like that **cough cough** 579. lol.