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Mar 21, 2010

Totally Diggin' These - Vol. 1

Feeling like you have no time but still insist on looking cute no matter what? I have the perfect solution for you. This is the answer to your problem in all it's turquoise glory. It's got a little bit of drama going on and frankly I am in love with the asymmetrical neckline in the front. If you are a avid follower of my blog then you already know I am all about the versatile pieces. Totally dig pieces that you can easily transition from day to night in a few effortless steps. After all I am am still on a budget and plan on getting the most out of all the clothing that I wear! (NOTE: Also in purple. Click Here!)
This wide neck shirt has a slit on the front, and beautiful lace ruffle detailing on the shoulders. Bonus! This shirt has form flattering ruching around the midsection for slimming silhouette. Downside? This shirt is long sleeve (I am a few seasons off, huh?) and it's a bit pricey. Maybe i'll wait until it goes on sale. Although it would be a great investment for me. Being that I started a new job and all and it requires me to wear an all black wardrobe. This would really make a statement.

Whoa! Watch out for this show stopper. This dress is definitely not for the regular folk and should be approached with caution. It's got all the "Diva" qualities going on. The black clingy fabric, the plunging neckline and even the cut out sleeves with jewels that adorn the shoulders. This is definitely my 2010 "Freak-Um Dress" for lack of a better word. Sometimes you have to let the girls to come out and play if you know what I mean. Besides it's Spring and what a better way to celebrate then to throw this bad boy on and show off a little leg? Naughty, naughty!

Want to show of a little leg to celebrate Spring but don't want to be so risky? I have got the item for you! These lace leggings would be absolutely what you are looking for? So modest yet flirty and oh so cute. On the bottom, see thru. On the top? Opaque. The best part is that they are cheap and totally stay in any girls wardrobe budget. Decently priced. It just makes you want to go out and buy a few pair just in case. I know I do. Great to pair with your favorite tunics or even a cute mini skirt. So many ways to set this trend. Luckily these go up to a size 3X.
Remember that time I told you that I am on a budget and that I like versatile pieces? Well here is a piece that is to die for. Two trends in one. Denim is so hot for Spring. Denim everything is all around us. Everything from the classic denim jacket to the not so classic denim high heels. Bandage dresses too! Who ever thought this up is an absolute genius. I need this in my closet as soon as possible. Probably needed as soon as ... YESTERDAY! haha
Black Mesh-Sleeve Top - $34.00
Wow Torrid. You are really on a roll lately! This is hands down, and absolutely my favorite piece of them all. I have been looking everywhere for a sexy mesh top and this is all that I would ever want in one. Simple, trendy, flirty and straight to the point. It's also not horribly overpriced like some pieces at Torrid. I want, scratch that. I NEED this piece. This shirt completes me. Tiny butterflies are dancing around in my tummy looking at these piece as we speak. Need I say more?

In the spirit of the new season I had to add one thing on my list to try that I have never tried before. In this case that would be the Tribal Print trend. These leggings are really cute and could probably totally see myself in these. The only one downside I have about this is the white in the leggings. I am always hesitant to wear white in fear of "looking bigger". I try to stay away from it but who knows, these might end up looking amazing with the right top and accessories. I would really like to give this trend a try this season.
There we go again. Merging two trends into one. Still staying true to the denim look and mixing it up with that ever so popular peek-a-boo zipper deal. If you really think about it there are three trends spotted in this piece. The exposed zipper, the denim, and the "color block" dress that seemed to have carried over from a few seasons ago. None the less, I still rock that trend. Hate it or love it, this is still a hot dress. Perfect for a BBQ at a friends house or just shopping with the girls.

Gray Draped Chain Scarf - $16.00
The perfect solution to a boring tee while on a budget? This scarf of course. So many possibilities. So little time. Enough said! The only thing I would change? Offer it in more colors. That's the only downside I suppose. Otherwise, good price, and good buy.

I already love leggings like my life depended on it, and you now know that I love mesh. Put these together and you get the most epic pair of leggings in existence. Can't wait to own this hot number and add it to my already wonderful wardrobe.


  1. The bandage dress, OMG I love it. It's so super flattering. I bought it in black (but later returned it due to overspending) and I swear, I felt like Beyonce in my freak em dress. I saw that in denim and I seriously want it again for my spring wardrobe!

    The floral lace leggings are awesome! I will be needing those for a promo thing I'm doing next month. I love how they are regular leggings around the thigh area, that should help with uncomfortable friction.

    Awesome! A Job? HOOK ME UP!

  2. Everyone should count their lucky stars that we don't live closer together! I swear we'd be BFFE's! We would go out and really paint the town red, cause major trouble and have WAAAY too much fun. LOL.

    As for the job I am working at Paul Mitchell - The School (in town) as a Receptionist. I am super excited and they are equally excited to have me start which is an extra bonus. It's always nice to feel welcomed!

  3. I love the bandage dress too. I actually just got an email from a distributor about a cut out dress and was doubtful. Thanks, this helps! :)

  4. I love the stuff in your shop. I'm def. going to have to take a peek at your store. Your store is bookmarked in my shopping section on my Firefox. =) ... any excuse to go shopping!!!

  5. I was in aw when I saw the tribal print black and white leggings on torrid like a week ago. They remind me of the red and black ones american apparel were selling. I think I'm going to get these when torrid has it's 50% off clearance, so I can save on shipping. But all of these items are beatiful.