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Mar 9, 2010

'Top 3' Torrid picks for Spring

Black and Blue Floral Print Romper - $58.00
The Romper "look" is really big this Spring. Usually I pass this by because a lot of the rompers that I have seen are either sleeveless or shapeless. Sometimes i've noticed that the rompers shorts part is always a bit short for me but this one seems a bit more conservative! This particular romper really caught my eye. It seems like it would be perfect for me because it cinches in the middle giving that hour glass effect, has a really cute pattern and it also covers up my problem area that I hate the most. My arms! This is definitely on my 'Must Have' list for Spring!
This dress really isn't very "trendy" or special in any which way but I love the pattern on the skirt and love the colors! It would be perfect for a night out clubbing with some sexy heels or even a barbecue at a family members house in the warm Summer weather. This piece it on my list simply for the fact that you can wear this in so many different ways and occasions and look stylish and cute!! Not to mention it looks super comfty!

Who doesn't want a black mini skirt in their wardrobe? It's perfect for absolutely everything and every occasion. So many options. Easily changes to a Fall piece back to a Spring piece. Also is appropriate for the corporate environment or the "fun" environment, like a night out dancing with the girls. I love this piece because of it's "architectural" influence in the design. This skirt screams "Pair me with a fitted, cropped blazer and a hot pair of tights and heels!" I need and WANT this piece!


  1. I want the mini skirt!!!!!!!!! The romper can kiss my butt! For some reason I associate rompers and overalls with country people and infants......
    The dress is cute to, but I can't do white up top. The girls scream HELLO enough, white makes them look bigger!

  2. omg i need that black peplum mini skirt in my life lol =)

  3. I actually tried on the Romper and HATED it on my figure. I thought I would give it a go since everyone is raving about them but ... i'm sticking to my guns and staying far away from Rompers this Spring!!! lol

  4. Tiffany, I have seen some outfits that you've put together and this definitely looks like that skirt would be perfect on you! It's def. your style!!!