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Feb 2, 2010

Current Wish List - MUST HAVE THESE!

I am pretty sure that most of my Tax Refund is going to go straight on bills, : : Pouty Face: :
but if I do have a little something left over I am totally eyeballing the following things.
The perfect essential jeans in any curvy girls wardrobe. Get this... THEY COME IN EXTRA TALL! This is a dream come true for me since I am 5'10". I always have the hardest time finding jeans that don't look like high waters on me. I honestly think these are truly a MUST HAVE!
(BTW: They come in other lengths too. Anywhere from Extra Short to Extra Tall)
 Everything I said about the skinny jeans above except... they are Dark Wash Denim! Just can't get enough of Skinny Jeans. It's literally the only type of Jeans I wear. (Plus they look so good with heels, and who could resist?)
 Typically not something that I would usually wear because it's a tad bit "loud" but I love the animal print on this skirt. I also love mini skirts and I love that it has ruffles. It's the "girly" side in me I suppose. I have killer legs. What better way to show them off with this little number?? Maybe i'll pair it with a killer leather jacket and some sexy patent leather heels. Perfect for a night out dancing! Bring it on!

I've been itching to get my hands on a 'Leather' jacket. Seems like a lot of them out there are just not my style. I do however like this one a lot. It's simple and looks like if could add a little extra something to any outfit you put together. Plus it's 3/4 sleeve and could easily transition into the Spring months without cramping me from "getting my Spring on"! Definitely seeing myself purchasing this a.s.a.p!

Torrid Black Pleather Moto Jacket

Red! Who doesn't love Red? Such a great color and frankly it's been proven that wearing Red makes the opposite sex more attracted to us. Who doesn't love that? It's also got the conservative yet sexy look to it. Such a versatile piece! That's what I look for when purchasing a piece to add to my wardrobe. I like pieces that I can wear over and over again and get a different look every time!

Torrid Red Keyhole Sweater$38.00

Men's wear but with a feminine spin on it. I have always wanted to try this trend and I think that this would be the easiest way to transition into the look. I love the beaded flower applique on the shoulder and the material. So many accessories that I can pair with this. I just want to wear it NOW! So cute!

Grey Tweed Beaded Flower Vest


Everyone has got to have something sexy and possibly a little something risky in the closet. I love this dress because you could wear it as a top or if you are feeling extremely "haute" you could totally pull of the dress look with this one. So many ways that you could get away with this. Personally i'd go the sexy route and use it as a dress. Of course I would probably pair it with a cute pair of tights to tone it down but it would turn heads none the less! =) Can't beat the price either!

Size Appeal 'Jaca' in Black

Leopoard, Pink AND lace trim? PLEASE SAY NO MORE! Can't wait to add this piece to my wardrobe! Simply amazing. Trendy AND sexy. That is all!

Leopard Lace Trim Cardigan

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  1. A nice leather jacket is something I need to add to my wardrobe! I've been looking for one, but I have monkey arms or something, cause they're always too short for my arms. *sigh* Oh how happy do I get when I find jeans that are LONG ENOUGH?! lol I'm there with you cause I'm 5'10" as well.