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Jan 22, 2010

The Surprising Reason Why Being Overweight is Unhealthy

I was skimming through one of my friends Facebook pages and came across a link that was very interesting to me. I had to share with all you guys. So sad and so true.

I myself have an AWESOME Primary Care doctor and he truly never gets at me for "losing weight" being the butt of all my health issues. For this I am truly grateful but I have worked for Cardiologists and other doctors through out the years and sometimes they would bring "bigger" patients to tears from telling them that they are straight up "fat". It's pretty pathetic. We can only hope this gets better but really voicing our opinions on how we are feeling and the main reason we are seeing them. Not for "weight loss advice" (unless we ask) but for whatever the issue we are having is. This is pathetic in my eyes. You are supposed to trust our doctors. This is OUR health after all!!!

Take a look. CLICK HERE!


  1. wow this is really eye opening! I did go to the doc years ago when I was much heavier in regards to something that I thought was a huge problem, NOT WEIGHT RELATED and he said to me, "this is the least of your problems, you need to lose weight." umm hello?! Where they do that at? I mean I lost weight, but he still hadn't answered the original questions I had when I first went in for treatment. So yes, it does happen!