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Jan 28, 2010

Monif C. - Swimwear 2010

Monif C. has released her new Swimwear line for 2010 online. I took a look at all the pieces and I am not sure if I like it or not. Practical? Nope. Interesting? Yes. Would I wear it? Absolutely not! So maybe I guess I don't like it? Hmmm. Maybe it will grow on me?

I'm sure if I was a celebrity I would definitely rock this collection. I guess I am just not fortunate enough to lounge by the pool all day in Miami or somewhere exotic and tropical with these bathing suits on for the paparazzi to snap photos of me.

This collection has definitely been inspired by Beyonce. Or shall I say, Sasha Fierce? It screams DIVA! Maybe I am just being a hater. After all, the pieces aren't hideous. They just aren't necessarily "my taste". 

On a side note Fluvia looks amazing as always. She's always flawless!!!

Take a look at the collection below:




  1. idk jenn, the gold one isn't practical. but I am in love with the pink fringe! I dooooo really want that! Maybe its Fluvia, she makes me want to buy anything she models. ha, must be why she's the superstar model lol I'd wear the gold one if I never got in the pool and I wonder if the fringe will be annoying in the pool, but I still really really want it!

  2. Why, why, why???!!! No, I would never wear...EVER.

    I bought a teal halter top suit reminicent of the 50's style suits with the "rouching" in the middle. It's classy and adorable.

    And doesn't scream "ghetto."


  3. April...I get what you are saying. They sorta are "ghetto". With a price tag of over $100 they are quite pricey for "ghetto" pieces!! lol