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Jan 16, 2010

Forever 21 / Faith 21 - 2010 Look Book

Ladies!!! Forever 21 and Faith 21 have their new 'Look Book' out for the Spring of 2010!!!

I was very excited to see that in the 'Look Book' they decided to "merge" the two lines together. That's a big step for fashion. God forbid the plus size models is in the same photo as one of the straight size models.

Did I mention that Faith 21 is now going to be carrying up to a size 3X?? Perfect because that's right about the size that I am. Sort of midway between 2X and 3X. When in doubt I try to get the larger size though. Can't really go wrong there.

Looking at all these adorable clothes is just making me want to ditch my heavy Winter jacket and throw on one of these cute cardigans for a walk in the park.

Guess this Spring it's all about the bold floral print, nautical inspiration, and pops of color. I wouldn't think to put stripes with floral print but the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me. I guess I could get used to this. Maybe I should try it out?

Any who.. enjoy!

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