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Jan 16, 2010

Faster Braces Removal???

What's the number one question you ask when you got to the Orthodontist? "When do you think my braces will come off?" It's a given! I'm guilty of it. Suuuuurrrrre my Orthodontist told me last time when I was there how much longer but maybe, just maybe, it's changed since then. Usually not though but i'm always hopeful. Which is why I found this extremely interesting when I came across it. It's a device that speeds up the process of braces. It's called Acceledent.

Acceledent is a small device that fits in the persons mouth, and on over the braces. It gives off very gentle micro-vibrations that help speed of the process of the tooth movement. Supposedly you only have to use it about 20 minutes a day and it sort of hangs out of your mouth, and over your bottom lip. Thankfully it's lightweight so you can do things around the house while you are waiting for it to "take it's course." The company claims that Acceledent takes approximately 4 to 6 months off your wait. Wouldn't you do it if you were given the chance? I wish I could!

The concept of micro-vibrations is definitely not new. It's been successful in treating Osteoporosis and helping with the heeling of bone fractures. As of right now they have some clinical trials being done and hope to have this device FDA approved by October of 2010.


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