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Jan 22, 2010

ASOS: Curve (Top 5 Picks)

The ASOS Curve line is finally up! FREAK YEAH! The line is a little basic but very affordable. I took a look and here are top 5 favorite picks!

1. Indigo Knitted Jeggings

These look like they would be perfect to wear out shopping, or to lunch with the girls! Yet you could totally dress them up by pairing them with heels. I've been wanting a pair of these "jean leggings" but I haven't found any that flattered me. These look like they'd get the job done. These are definitely on my wish list.

2. Jersey Cuff Trouser

A trendy pair of pants that are also comfortable? Heck ya please! You could do so many effortless looks with this one pair of pants. I crave these babies and I want these in my wardrobe RIGHT NOW!!!

3. One Shoulder Top

Usually I don't "DO" one sleeved shirts but honestly I think I really give this a try. I tend to steer away from the one sleeve because I hate my arms! YUCKY! Anywho... I think the detail of the sleeve would divert the attention from my arms. (SCORE!) Plus this top is effortlessly adorable. I would definitely pair this with a tight pencil skirt and a sexy pair of heels. Maybe throw on some really cute earrings and WHA-LA! Instantly flawless!

4. Long Leather Biker Jacket

Who doesn't want a leather jacket in their wardrobe? This is a really cute jacket yet it has a sweet edge to it. The only thing that I might have a problem with is the length of the sleeves. I am tall and my height is all in my limbs. It looks like it would be really uncomfortable and i'd have to keep pulling the sleeves down. I love the jacket itself though. For somebody more petite or shorter i'm sure they'd be fine though. Overall this jacket is too cute to pass up.

5. Pontiroma Seamed Pencil Dress

Every girl needs a LBD in her wardrobe and this one is versatile enough to take you from the office to Happy Hour in a wink! Form fitting yet conservative. It's all about the accessories baby!! Throw on some sweet pearls for work or slip on a patent leather red belt and sexy red heels for drinks! I am in love with the cut of this dress! It looks so chic!

Take a look at the rest of the line... CLICK HERE


  1. Okay, so I stalked your fb group and seriously you are GORGEOUS. Stunning. Why would you worry about your arms? No one is looking there anyway. They are looking at your beauty.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  3. Jen Im the same way with jackets! I have long arms, I call them "monkey arms" lol So I'm wearing of ordering jackets or coats online. I think the jacket is meant to be a bit shorter in the arms, even on the model it comes above the wrist. I do want a leather jacket, this one peaks my interest.