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Dec 4, 2009

Body Issues: Everyone's got em'

COMMENT: Jennifer, I think you look so pretty in this picture. I am a girl of a certain weight and I find it hard to look cute and put together. I always look in the mirror and see sloppy and fat. What can I do? Please help! Did I mention I am 200 pounds? I’m just saying…lol.

RESPONSE: First of all... THANKS HUN! Means a lot! You are 200lbs? PFFT! That not nothing hun! I am currently 275lbs now. First things are first. You have to change your outlook of your image! Instead of saying mean and negative things about your self start saying only good things. You'd be surprised how quickly it becomes a habit! Get in front of the mirror and stand in your bra and panties. Think it’s a bit silly? Definitely! But here is what you do... Look at yourself and instead of going straight for what's wrong, pick out all the things you love about yourself. Everyone has their flaws (my self included) and everyone has positive points to themselves as well! When I am dressing up in the morning or getting ready to go somewhere I find clothes that fit my mood that I am in, and stuff that flatters my figure! Don't be afraid to express yourself either. When you put something on in the morning OWN THAT OUTFIT! That outfit does NOT own you. Work it girl!!! It might sound silly but this is honestly everything I do or have done myself. I am happy to be alive and have people who love me. I could care less if I am a little overweight or that I am not a size 2. I love being a size 18/20 and I OWN IT! I love it and if I have an off day I go to the gym and join in on one of the many fun classes that my friend has to offer. I am no where near the "perfect" gym go getter but I like to get my cardio in and it does wonders for your self esteem and keeps you moving (which is always a good thing). In the meantime while you are re-teaching yourself how to look at yourself for the better, and look at yourself in a positive way.... act the part and act like you already have all the confidence in the world! Acting the part is half the battle. Before you know it will catch on and you will start to believe it yourself. It will become second nature and soon everything you are saying will be 100% and it won't be some sort of "act" anymore. Believe me you.. I used to be the shy girl in school. I have my "shy moments" sometimes but I try to just be myself and let the real me shine through at every chance that I get. By no means is this an easy step in your life, and it's a long journey but girl... it's SO worth it!!! Good luck hun and thank you so much!

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