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Nov 1, 2009

Five ways to tell if someone is lying to you.

1.) Shifty eye contact - is a dead giveaway. If your seeking truth from someone who is lying, they will, oftentimes, fail to look you directly in the eye. In some cases, liars will quickly glance to the right or downward. But if you’re dealing with an expert liar, the eye contact will probably stare you in the eyes and lie, but if that eye contact mimics that of a staring contest, they’re lying!

2.) Use of contractions - if you’re asking questions and probing for the truth and the person you’re drilling says, “I wasn’t at the bar with another girl,” they’re probably telling the truth. But if they say, “I was NOT at the bar with another girl,” they’re probably lying. My research concluded that the use of a contraction is likely true.

3.) Switch the subject - now when you’re drilling the person trying to find the truth and from your frustration alone you “drop it” or “forget it” and change the subject. If the person immediately complies, jumps on board with new subject and is seemingly relieved, they’re lying!

4.) They go soprano - if the person you suspect is lying vocal pitch changes to soprano, and in worst cases falsetto, when explaining themselves or defending their plight, you already know! This is a tell-tale sign of stress and anxiety. If you’re telling the truth there’s no need to feel stressed or pressured, right? Right.

5.) The emphatic “huh” - if you ask someone a specific question related to a statement they made previously and they answer you with a “huh.” They’re buying time to think of what to say next … you heard me! You probably caught them off guard and they’re not ready to answer you and tell the truth!

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