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Oct 8, 2009

Who is Lola?

Okay so this morning "Lola"... errr I mean, Jennifer Lopez's new single "Fresh out the oven" was leaked. This will be Jennifer Lopez's first return to the music scene since her sales of her her last album 'Brave' flopped horribly.

Looks like Jenny is taking a different route and is going for the ‘alter ego’ approach by releasing this under the name “Lola”. “Fresh Out The Oven” was produced by The Neptunes and is most likely going to see a lot of air time on the radio and in the clubs!

The Neptunes added a nice touch to this track which truly compliments Jennifer’s (aka Lola’s) "weaker" vocals pretty well. Pitbull’s feature in this track doesn't really do much, but none the less it's a nice attempt. It's been said that "Fresh Out The Oven" is going to be the lead single off her new album. No confimation as of yet.

Read on to listen and download!


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