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Oct 6, 2009



Trust you?
I trusted you and you hurt me.
You played me but I am strong.
I am stronger now,
three days later I am not
Phased by you.
I can't let you get to me .
I won't let you get to me.

I cried.
I will probably cry some more
but I am strong.
You lost my respect.
but I am strong.
Stronger than you. Stronger than this. Stronger than the world.
Every time I am let down,
I am more determined and ready to defeat you.

The weight of the world on my shoulders
and I am not going to complain no more.
I'm going to carry that with me.
I am loyal to myself and I love me.
I aint never been weak,
I just fell off the track for a while.
I have always been strong.
I'm just starting to realize my own strength.

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