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Oct 19, 2009

Hopeless Transitions

Scattered pieces of ones broken soul.
How do I recollect?
Needing some reconstruction.
I feel my life throbbing.

It's so out of control.
Does any body have any advice?
Some form of instructions?
How did it get to feel so worthless?

I am walking alone today.
Walking alone yesterday.
Tomorrow too?
Wishing I did not feel full of this deep emptiness.

Praying that soon there will come a better day.
So many feelings I have got to express.
Time is ticking so slowly.
Karma has come to cash in already?
Is this to be true?

Screaming out for help.
No response.
Does anybody hear me?
Yelling, kicking, crying.
You have no idea.

It's cold in loneliness.
Surrounded but still lonely.
What is the right answer?
Show me the way.

Missing the smiles, the laughter and freedom.
Where have I gone to stay?
I need to know me again.

Numbness replaces all emotion.
Stirring in thoughts of last decisions.
Could this be the final straw?
Help me.

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