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Oct 4, 2009

Glamour "Plus Size" Photoshoot revealed on the 'Ellen DeGeneres' Show

Firstly I would like to say "GO ELLEN". Finally bringing this issue to light on national TV and on daytime TV. Kudos to her. I've always loved Ellen with her humor and her charm. She is probably the only reason I don't mind being unemployed right now. I have to watch her show every weekday at 3pm. I made it my priority on October 1st because A) some of my favorite plus size models were going to be on, and B) they were going to reveal a recent Plus Size inspired photo shoot from Glamour magazine.

Here is the revealing of the picture!

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Part 1 - Ellen DeGeneres Show

Part 2 - Ellen DeGeneres Show

A little clip of how this whole movement started in the first place...
It started in our September issue with a small photo of Lizzie Miller sitting au naturel confident, sexy and clearly unconcerned about a little belly overhang. We loved the photo, but it was just one of more than a hundred of full-figured women we’ve run in recent years, so we were surprised when it hit a nerve. “This is true beauty!” wrote one commenter on “A woman that eats!” Added Megan Fehl, 23: “Because of my own belly, I always thought I was some deformed woman, but not now. Holy hell, I am normal!” And in the words of another reader: “I’ve struggled with eating disorders and body image since I was 12. Seeing this picture is the first time I have felt good about myself and comfortable with my body (just the way it is) in a very long time. Thank you for the self-esteem.”

Now with this all being said... I CAN'T wait to see more of normal women in fashion magazine. It really is about time. The average size of an American women is a 14. That's thick, but frankly not even that big. Until next time, stay fat, fab and oh so happy!

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