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Oct 21, 2009

Dear Robert Verdi...Thin can suck my fat ass!

Janice Dickinson, Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace and now we have Robert Verdi. What is it about these names that piss me off? Well for starters they are negative and ignorant individuals looking to get some publicity and also the fact that they are trying to keep "normal" women out of the fashion world. Can we say 15 minutes of fame? If I could say something to any of these people I would say.... "Go eat a dam chicken wing.... #$&!*" That is all.

Last night at the fifteenth-anniversary celebration of Martha Stewart Weddings, we asked stylist Robert Verdi what he thought of Ralph Lauren allegedly firing model Filippa Hamilton for being too fat. "I love fat people because they're jolly," Verdi offered, seemingly dodging the question. But he was quick to agree with Robin Givhan that it shouldn't be a big deal if the fashion industry doesn't like non-stick figures. "I think people of all sizes should be wearing clothes. I don't know if they necessarily need to be photographed in clothes," he continued. "A lot of women say 'I should've been alive when Ruben was because I'm Rubenesque.' So times have changed. There are different cultural norms and values and beauty identities, and the fact that thin is in — who cares? It's why I stopped eating. I think food is for fat people and poor people. Rich people don't eat. They get dressed up and go shopping."



  1. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to bring to the forefront. People are so ignorant and clothes minded it's pathetic. With 40% of U.S. women wearing a size 14+, you would think the fashion industry would catch on and catch up, but nooooo! The industry adamantly refuses to recognize us, so we need to make sure they do, by putting our money with their mouths are! Good job girl!

  2. What's funny is that if anyone follows RV on twitter, they know he eats often, and a lot...he can't get enough food. The Cut article was clearly him being funny...