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Sep 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Geesh, the weekend is over already? It feels like Friday was just here not too long ago. I had a great weekend though. Got a lot of stuff done and got to have a lot of fun. It was pretty chilly this weekend too. You can totally tell that Summer is officially over. Sad? Yes, but I like Fall too. The only thing I am not looking for is Winter. It lasts WAY too long. Also, I got in touch with an old friend of mine from high school! I have been looking for him for quite some time now. We lost touch after we graduated for awhile. Here was a little re-cap of the weekend.

My friend Caderal came into town! He and I went to High School together and after we graduated he moved to North Carolina with his family. He started going to school out there. I saw him a couple times after he moved and then we just sort of lost touch. We both changed our phone numbers so often I guess. I never had his address so it was hard to locate him. I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to get in touch with him but was unsuccessful. Our friend Candace is pregnant and she was trying to look for him too so we could visit him before she had the baby.

I searched for him on Myspace, Facebook, and the Whitepages. Then I thought that maybe putting up a Facebook status asking if anyone still talked to Caderal would get me in touch with him. Soon after my status update, a couple of my facebook friends said that they were in contact with one of his sisters and she had a page. I found her and friend requested her. I sent her a message saying that I was a friend of her brothers and was looking for him. I didn't hear anything so I was pretty sure my attempts were unsuccessful.

This Friday aftenoon I was sitting on my couch and looking a hot mess and all the sudden my mom comes in from a walk and announces that Caderal is looking for me outside! CADERAL? Omg! I finally got to see that dude! We ended up seeing him a few times this weekend, and then unfortunately he had to leave on Sunday. Hopefully he comes back soon, or maybe Candace and I could make a trip down there after she has the baby and is settled in! I am inculding a "reunion" pic of us all. So exciting!

The picture above is when we went to the Bronx. We met up with Caderal there while shopping because he has some family members over in that area.

I also ended up going to NY. We went to the Bronx, Chinatown, and Manhattan. Originally we were supposed to go solely for the Baby Shower shopping for the party. Candace, her Mom, Sister, Liann and I took a trip on Saturday after my Driver Re-Training class. (Urgh, I don't want to talk about it!.. haha) The trip started out on Fordam Road in the Bronx where we got some cute decorations. By the time we were done with that we were all so hungry. While trying to get over to Chinatown we got so lost and made an trip through New Jersey somehow. Haha! Once we made it over to Chinatown we went to this great Vietnamese place to eat. Yummy! So satisfying. Then just since we were in NY Candace's mom drove to this little Italian Bakery to get some awesome cannolis. A great day in the city I must say!

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