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Sep 25, 2009

Social Networking Etiquette

    Facebook/Twitter/Myspace Etiquette:
  • Try to refrain from flirting because its magnified by 100,000 on the internet. Plus it's kinda lame anyway!

  • Don't try to hide your Twitter/Facebook/Myspace or try to keep it private. Someone will find it and hell will break loose.

  • Ever hear of the Robert Grant case? Google it. While it make seem like a good idea to get back at an Ex by creating a fake page/account about them and putting horrible things on that page about them, it's against the law. Not to mention childish and tacky. Yes it might seem funny at the time but who has $40,000 to pay up after losing a case about this in court? Not me!
  • Call/text people throughout the day in between your thousands of RTs, and status updates! Sometimes a simple phone call could mean a lot! Technology seems to be making communication between two human beings fuzzier and not easier like we'd all hoped it would be.

  • Don't ever tweet/update your status at the dinner table, on a date, watching a movie, or anywhere in public that involves other people present. Wait to get home to do this. Twitter/Facebook/Myspace aren't going anywhere! Spend all this time in the moment, and only think of "updating" for late on.
  • Changing your relationship status on Facebook is a mutual decision. Please be aware where you stand with your signifigant other. This could get kind of messy!

  • It's ok to look through your friend's friends to see if there is anybody who you'd like to friend request. Make sure you send a little message along with the friend request though. I usually get freaked/creeped out when someone I don't know requests me. The first thing I think is "Are they stalking me?"
  • Ask first before 'friending' a close friends Ex on Twitter/Facebook! It's just common sense and common courtesy!

  • We are all adults now and frankly I think it's ok to still remain friends with an Ex. Just be prepared for some updates/statuses that you don't really want to know about.

  • Fighting via Facebook/Twitter/Myspace? One word: NO!

  • Although technology has become so advanced in the social networking world recently there STILL is such thing as TMI. More commonly known as, TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Be careful what you share. No one wants to know that you started your "Monthly Friend" today. Spare us please!

  • Don't take the fun out of dating by posting cheesy messages on your crushs' wall or RT them with your little secret. Do it the old fashion way. It will score you major points and you'll thank me for this later! Not to mention it makes you look WAY more confident.
  • If you think someone is going to flip out by something you said/posted on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace, don't tweet it, post it or put up a bulletin on it!

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